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Andre Bernier
Andre Bernier

Andre’ Bernier Biography|Wikipedia

Who is Andre Bernier?

Andre Bernier is an American meteorologist born on May 22, 1959. He serves at WJW TV on weekday evenings. He won two Emmy Awards for his weather casting, Since  February  1988 has been on the station. The thing that made him a meteorologist and more interested in studying weather was that when he was at a younger age he saw an approaching storm that contained dark clouds and there was the beginning of becoming a weather forecast. He understands the weather of all types.

His mentors were Stann Lipp, Jim Loomis, Dick Stevens, and Jim Phillip, Those are the people who made him start and become a fixture in New Bedford Radio at the age of 16 years? starting his career in broadcast. When shows a high degree in his career while continuing to learn to be a meteorologist. After he graduated his first position was at Cedar Rapid Lowa as a Weekend meteorologist then at WMT- AM- FM and TV then left to join Speculative Nation Cable Channel known as Weather Channel. He and his co-host were the first as the channel started to broadcast on Sunday, May 2, 1982, at EDT on Camera Meteorologist.

Apart from being a meteorologist,  was ordained as a pastor This was after his faith journey increased and led him to enroll in a distance education seminary program. He has been invited by many churches as a guest preacher and evangelist. From those, he is even active in digital film production and writer of several books.


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Andre’ Bernier Son

His son Noah is studying to become a pilot like his mom who was a meteorologist and later went on to study to become a commercial pilot and licensed private pilot.

Andre’ Bernier Age|Birthday

What is Andre’ Bernier?

He was born in New Bedford Massachusetts in the US in 1959 May 22nd. Now as of 2023, he is 64 years old and he celebrates his birthday every year on May 22.

Andre’ Bernier Nationality| Ethnicity

What is Andre Bernier’s Nationality and Ethnicity?

What is Andre’ Bernier

He holds American Nationality and citizenship by birth and registration and his ethnicity is white.

Andre’ Bernier Education

What is Andre Bernier’s Education?

Went to New Bedford High School in 1977 when he graduated, attended Lyndon State College, and graduated with a bachelor of science in meteorology when he was there he started England Weather Net.

Andre’ Bernier Family | Parents

Who is Andre Bernier’s family?

His parents were caring, loving, and supportive and they were rule followers. their names are Harve Bernier and Claire Bernier. We don’t know other family members as of now.

Andre’ Bernier Height | Weight | Body Measurements

Barner stands at an average height of 6 feet and 1 inch and is 185m tall. The weight and other body measurements that he has know we don’t know but we are trying to go through his profile.

Andre’ Bernier Marriage | Wife

Is Andre Bernier married?

He is happily married to his lovely wife Sally Barnier whom he met back then when he was at college in 1978. The wife is a former meteorologist she quit his Job in 2009 and became a pilot. The two are blessed with one son Noah Bernier. Most of the time the family spends hiking together.

Andre Bernier’s Net Worth

He has an average net worth is $5 million dollars well calculated and there is no error as of 2023.

Andre’ Bernier Salary

He earns an annual salary of $80,000 according to Fox 8.

Andre’ Bernier Instagram

The account has 3,090 posts, 11.3K followers, and follows 382 people.

Andre’ Bernier Instagram

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His twitter account has more follower than other social media accounts.

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