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Arthur Blessitt
Arthur Blessitt

Arthur Blessitt Biography | Wikipedia

Who is Arthur Blessitt?

Arthur Blessitt was born on the 27th of October 1940 in Greenville, Mississippi. He was the first person to walk the longest distance carrying the cross around the world, till now he holds.

From 1968 to 2023 he walked to many countries while carrying the cross due to that his name was written in the Guinness World Record for the Longest Walk or Pilgrimage.

Before starting to carry the cross, Arthur said that he had the voice of Jesus telling him to walk at a short distance in every country while carrying the cross and that’s why he stopped his education and became a pastor and served at several Baptist Churches. His first preaching was in Hollywood Califonia and there he became a minister of Sunset Strip.


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Arthur Blessitt Illness

Which disease was Arthur Blessitt suffering from?

He is experiencing terrible headaches and hurting his arms from both needle holes.  He went for a heart checkup and the surgeon said that his heart was fine and there was no blockage.

Apart from his being ill, he said if he recovers God willing, He will pick up the cross and continue to spread the gospel and he will be streaming live on the internet. For now, he is doing at least fine after his heart condition was discovered in 2017.

Arthur Blessitt  Alive

Is Arthur Blessitt still Alive?

For now 2023 he is doing great and he is in good health. There are no bad reports concerning his health-related issues.

Arthur Blessitt Children

How many children does Arthur Blessitt have?

He has more than five children six are biological and one is adopted. The six are from his previous wife Sherry Anne whom they divorced in 1990. The children of Sherry and Arthur are Gina, Joel, Joy, Joshua, Joseph, and Jerusalem, and the adopted daughter is Sophia whom he adopted after marrying Denise Brown Irja.

Arthur Blessitt Place

Where is Arthur Blessitt’s?

He lives in Denver City in Colorado, USA  where he is loved by the people who are around that place as residents. The number of people who visit him at his place a week is approximately 50 people.

Arthur Books

Which books have Arthur Blessitt written?

His first book was launched in 1971 and is called Forty Days At The Cross, The second is Arthur Blessitt Street University, and the same year A Walk With The Cross, the Third Arthur, a Pilgrim, and many more like The Cross 38, 102 Miles 38 years.

Arthur Blessitt Website

 Blessitt Arthur Website.

Arthur Cross Walk

Why does Arthur Blessitt Walk with a cross?

The inspiration for the walk, When Arthur was asked by a Journalist he said that he heard the voice of Jesus calling him to walk every nation. Blessitt made two crosses, one he placed at his place which was longer, and the second was short and that is the one that he uses while walking.

He began his crosswalk in Northern Ireland. He has visited almost all parts of the world. The countries are Russia, the Baltic States, the Soviet Union, Ukraine, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, China, South Africa, Lebanon, India, Antarctica, Vietnam, Israel, Cuba, Libya, Northern, and South Yemen.

Arthur Age | Birthday

What is Arthur Blessitt’s Age?

He was born on October 27, 1940, in Greenville Mississippi in the United States of America. He is 83 years old and  His birthday is celebrated every year on October 27

Arthur Nationality | Ethnicity

What is Arthur Blessitt’s Nationality and ethnicity?

He holds American citizenship and Nationality by birth and registration and his ethnicity is white.

Arthur Education

Where did Arthur Blessitt go to school?

His educational background is not well known but only a few details, he went to Mississippi  College and stepped out again to become a pastor.

Arthur Blessitt Family | Parents

His father goes by the name Arthur Blessitt is a farmer and owns a large cotton farm and mother’s name is Virgina, and his sister is Virginia.

Arthur Blessitt Height | Weight | Body Measurements

He stands at an average height of  5 feet  6 inches. The weight, and body measurements are under review for now revisit the page after a few days we might have to update it.

Arthur Blessitt Marriage | Wife

His first marriage was in 1963 when he married his lovely wife, Sherry Anne Simmons. They have six children together, The two divorced in 1990. The same year he married Denise Brown and they lived together till now.

Arthur Blessitt Net Worth

His estimated net worth of Arthur has increased compared to 2021 and 2o22 which was $250,000. In 2023 his net worth ranges $1 million when all of his assets are well calculated.

Arthur Blessitt Salary

His main source of income is from his career as an evangelical minister.

Arthur Blessitt Instagram

Arthur Blessitt Instagram

Who is the guy who carried a cross?

It is well known that Simon of Cyrene was the one who carried Jesus’s cross. However, other than what Matthew, Mark, and Luke mention about Simon in their gospels, we don’t know too much about him.

Does Arthur Blessitt still carry the cross?

Over 19 billion pounds worth of weight was transported. 81 years old and still bearing the cross in 2022. Glory. Despite being requested to stay the night at more than half of the churches, the cross has never been refused permission to do so in 55 years of traveling the globe.