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Joe Trippi Photo
Joe Trippi Photo

Joe Trippi Biography | Wikipedia

Joe Trippi (full name: Joseph Paul Trippi) is a well-known American political consultant who has worked on numerous gubernatorial, United States Senate, and Congressional campaigns, including those for Jerry Brown for governor of California and Doug Jones for the U.S. Senate in Alabama.

As of July 2021, Trippi has been a senior advisor at the Lincoln Project in addition to hosting the podcast That Trippi Show. Trippi has managed several Democratic presidential campaigns, most notably the 2004 campaign for Howard Dean.

As of 2018, he was employed by CNN as a political commentator. He served as the deputy campaign manager for Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley’s victorious 1981 reelection campaign and his futile effort for governor of California in 1982.

Bradley built one of the first internal computers for a political campaign during his gubernatorial campaign, the DEC-PDP11. For fundraising and targeting, he employed it.

He has been active in many other areas of politics besides campaign politics. Both the Harvard Institute of Politics and the New Politics Institute, a think tank affiliated with the New Democrat Network, named Trippi a fellow.

Additionally, Trippi serves on the advisory board of the nonpartisan group Why Tuesday?, which promotes increased voter turnout. In 2004, Trippi also established the advisory firms Trippi & Associates and Trippi International.

Joe Trippi Age | Birthday

In Jamestown, New York, in the United States, Trippi was born on June 10, 1956. He has 67 years of age. On June 10 of each year, Trippi celebrates his birthday.

Joe Trippi Nationality | Ethnicity

Joe holds American nationality and citizenship. He was born in New York, in the United States of America. He is of white ethnicity and heritage.

Joe Trippi Education

Trippi attended San Jose State University, where he received his degree. Before quitting college with a few credits remaining to join Ted Kennedy’s 1980 presidential campaign.

Joe Trippi Family | Parents

He was raised in Los Angeles, California, after being born in Jamestown, New York. Trippi is of Caucasian ethnicity and possesses American citizenship. Trippi has not yet provided any information about his parents and siblings.

Joe Trippi Height | Weight | Body Measurements

He is a taller-than-average man. Trippi is around 1.75 meters tall at 5 feet 10 inches. He also manages to maintain an average body weight of 78kg. More details regarding his other body measurements are currently under review.


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Joe Trippi Marriage | Wife

Kathleen Lash is the wife of Trippi. On Maryland’s Eastern Shore, the two people live. James Ellis, Ted Casey, and Christine Marie Trippi are Trippi and Kathleen’s three children.

Joe Trippi Net Worth

Political strategist Trippi has worked on numerous gubernatorial, U.S. Senate, and Congressional campaigns, including those for Jerry Brown for governor of California and Doug Jones for the U.S.

Senate in Alabama. Trippi has so amassed a respectable wealth throughout the years. The estimated net worth of Trippi is $2 million.

Joe Trippi Fox News

Trippi has worked for a number of cable and broadcast networks, most recently as a political commentator for CBS News and a contributor to MSNBC and Fox News.

Joe Trippi Weight Loss

Regarding matters pertaining to Trippi’s weight loss in July 2019, Trippi stated on his Twitter post that: 2/2 of he walked most of the way.

7 months later, following walking and also running a little faster when his schedule allowed – Trippi lost 40lbs. His diabetes is also controlled and his meds were greatly reduced. That 14:39 per mile pace? Now, 8mins 18secs per mile.

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Joe Trippi And Associates

Trippi established the consulting firm Trippi & Associates, a full-service media company with locations in London, St. Michaels, MD, and Oakland, CA.

Trippi and his crew have created effective messaging and advertisements for many years, helping to elect several congressmen, senators, governors, mayors, and international leaders.

Joe Trippi Twitter

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Joe Trippi Podcast

That Trippi Show is a podcast hosted by Trippi. Trippi is examining the issues at hand rather than just the headlines: How can Democrats win important elections in the future? How can we persuade voters to hold Republicans accountable for the events of January 6 and their aftermath? What is the status of the campaigns for 22 and, gasp, 24? Don’t limit your listening to talking heads

Joe Trippi Illness

Trippi has diabetes, despite the fact that he has not spoken much about it. Although he seems in good health and serves his purpose well.