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Judith Miller Photo
Judith Miller Photo

Judith Miller Biography | Wikipedia

American journalist Judith Miller works in the field. She presently works as a commentator for Fox News, where she is well-known for her coverage of Iraq’s WMD program. Judith reported about Iraq both before and after the 2003 war.

Later, it was determined that the reporting had been based on false information from the intelligence community. Prior to joining Fox News in 2008, Judith also worked at The New York Times Washington bureau.

Judith was also implicated in the Plame Affair, in which Valerie Plame was exposed by Richard Armitage as a CIA agent. It happened after Valerie’s husband wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times disputing the idea that Saddam Hussein wanted to buy uranium from Africa.

Due to her refusal to admit that Scooter Libby was her source in the Plame Affair, Judith was imprisoned for 85 days. Later, Judith became a fellow at the Conservative and began to contribute to Newsmax and the conservative Fox News Channel.

Judith Miller Age | Birthday

How old is Judith Miller? She was born on January 2, 1948, in New York City, New York, in the United States of America. Judith is 74 years of age. She celebrates her birthday on January 2nd of every year.

Judith Miller Nationality | Ethnicity

Judith holds American nationality and citizenship. She is of white ethnicity and heritage.

Judith Miller Education

She was an Ohio State University student. Judith belonged to the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority there. She graduated from Columbia University’s Barnard College in 1969.

The School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University awarded Judith a master’s degree in public affairs.

Judith Miller Family | Parents

Her father, Bill Miller, a Jewish man of Russian descent, gave birth to her. In addition to running a few casinos in Las Vegas, Bill controlled the Riviera nightclub in New Jersey.

He gained notoriety for securing legendary Las Vegas artists. A “pretty Irish Catholic showgirl” was Judith’s mother. She developed alongside Jimmy Miller, her half-brother.

Judith Miller Height | Weight | Body Measurements

How tall is Judith Miller? She is a taller-than-average woman. Judith is around 1.7 meters (5 feet 7 inches) tall. She maintains an average body weight of 67kg. More details regarding her other body measurements are currently under review.


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Judith Miller Jon Stewart

On November 28, 1962, Jon Stewart (real name Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz) was born. He is an American actor, comedian, television host, political pundit, and filmmaker.

From 1999 to 2015, Jon presided over The Daily Show, a mock news program on Comedy Central. Despite being agnostic, he is of Jewish descent. Exclusive interviews about the Iraq War have been conducted by Jon with Judith.

Judith Miller Manhattan Institute

Judith is currently a contributing editor of the Manhattan Institute’s journal, “City Journal,” as well as an adjunct fellow there. In addition to writing and lecturing, Judith discusses the Middle East, American foreign policy, terrorism, and other national security challenges, as well as the necessity to balance civil liberties with national security in the wake of 9/11.

Judith Miller Marriage | Husband

Is Judith Miller married? Judith dated one of the newspaper’s reporters named Steven Rattner early in her career while she worked at The New York Times bureau in Washington, D.C. However, she never wed. In 1993, she wed American editor and publisher Jason Epstein, who predeceased her.

Jason Wolkow Epstein was his full name, and he was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the United States, on August 25, 1928.

Prior to marrying Judith, Jason wed Barbara Zimmerman, with whom he had two children, Jacob and Helen. Nevertheless, the pair got divorced in 1990. Judith currently splits her time between New York City and Sag Harbor.

Judith Miller Salary

She currently works as a contributor for Fox News, which pays her quite well. Judith makes an annual salary of $117,498 on average.

Judith Miller Net Worth

She is a well-known journalist who has worked for reputable American channels. Judith has amassed much fortune as a result of her work as a journalist and her best-selling book in New York. Judith is thought to be valued at $1,798,564 overall.

Judith Miller Fox News

She currently works as an investigative reporter who won the Pulitzer Prize, an author, and a contributor to Fox News. Judith is the author or coauthor of four novels. One best-seller each was two of them.

She also wrote “God Has Ninety-Nine Names,” which was released by Simon & Schuster in 1996. The book looked at the growth of Islamic extremism in ten Middle Eastern nations, including Iran and Israel.

Judith became a part of a small group in 2002 that went on to win the Pulitzer Prize for “explanatory journalism” for Judith’s series on Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda in January 2001.

She was responsible for a Nova/New York Times documentary that year that was based on pieces for “Germs,” for which she was awarded an Emmy. She was also a member of the Times team that received the DuPont medal for its coverage of terrorism for PBS’s “Frontline.”

Judith Miller New York Times

She previously had a position at The New York Times. Judith currently works as an adjunct fellow at the Manhattan Institute and contributes to the publication “City Journal.”

In addition to writing and lecturing, Judith discusses the Middle East, American foreign policy, terrorism, and other national security challenges, as well as the necessity to balance civil liberties with national security in the wake of 9/11.

Judith spent 85 days in jail prior to her resignation from The New York Times in November 2005 while advocating for a reporter’s right to protect confidential sources. She was given the “First Amendment Award” by the Society of Professional Journalists in the same year for her source protection.