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Zay Harding Photo
Zay Harding Photo

Zay Harding Biography | Wikipedia

Zay Harding is an American actor and television personality best known for his roles as “Jeff Northcutt” on the MTV series Spyder Games and as the host of the globetrotting television program Globe Trekker. He is also the host of the English producers of Globe Trekker’s documentary series Tough Trains.

Zay has over 20 years of experience in front of the camera, and he has presented programs for PBS, OLN, National Geographic, Travel, Discovery, and History channels.

Other significant TV appearances include guest-starring and co-starring parts on the 2010 TV shows Hawaii Five-0 on CBS, American Horror Story on FX, and Mistresses on ABC (American TV series).

Zay Harding Age | Birthday

How old is Zay Harding? Zay is 48 as of 2022. He was born in Lihue, Hawaii, on November 1st, 1974. Every year on November 1st, Zay has a birthday celebration. He is a Scorpio by birth sign.

Zay Harding Nationality | Ethnicity

Zay holds American nationality and citizenship. He is of white ethnicity and heritage. He was born in Lihue, Hawaii, in the United States of America.

Zay Harding Education

Harding attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from there in 1997.

Zay Harding Family | Parents

In Lihue, Hawaii, Zay was born to his parents. The Hardings are his parents, Ken and Kitty. He has a gymnast sister by the name of Sarah Harding-Traverso.

Through Sarah Harding Fitness, Inc.TM, she provides her expert services as a nationally certified Pilates instructor, choreographer, and health consultant. She received her induction into the Punahou, Athletic Hall of Fame in 2016.

Zay Harding Marriage | Wife

Is Zay Harding married? Yes, Harding is wed to Laura Salem, a costume designer, and actor who has appeared in movies including Miracle in Alki: Inspired by a True Story and A Man Apart (2003).

Marriage to the couple began on July 28, 2001. He celebrated his marriage by posting a picture on Instagram on August 14, 2017, the day after his cousin wed in the same chapel as him.

Zay Harding Height | Weight | Body Measurements

How tall is Zay Harding? Harding is 6 feet 2 inches tall, or 1.91 meters. Additionally, he keeps his body weight at a normal level.

His other physical metrics are still being examined with more information. Once it’s clear from our dependable source, you’ll receive an update. Do not close the tab.

Zay Harding Twitter

Find Zay on Twitter.

Zay Harding Instagram

Zay has 4065 Followers on Instagram

Zay Harding Daughter | Son

According to Harding’s Instagram posts, his wife gave birth to a daughter on October 27, 2016. Scarlet Olivia is her name.

Oliver Salem Harding, Zay’s son, was born on November 26, 2008, however, he was not the only one. Sadly, passed away on February 13, 2012, from the flu.


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Zay Harding Tough Trains

Tough Trains, hosted by Zay Harding, premiered on Travel Channel in September 2014.
He sets out to travel among folks who work in harsh environments like cold wastelands and blazing desert furnaces.

The Siberian Ice Trains are among the most difficult trains. Zay tries to make the difficult and frequently disjointed voyage to the Pacific Coast.

The driver must repeatedly press a dead man’s button to demonstrate his continued consciousness on the final leg’s 4,000 m plummets to sea level, which forces Zay to the ground wearing an oxygen mask.

Each and every step of this is difficult. Keeping the line open and keeping the train rolling is the motto of Tough Trains.

Zay Harding Net Worth

The range of Harding’s net worth is between $100,000 and $1,000,000. This includes his possessions, funds, and earnings.

His acting job is his main source of income. He has been able to amass wealth through his multiple sources of income, but he wants to live simply.

Globe Trekker Zay Harding

Because of his audacity and extroverted nature, Harding was given the opportunity to host Globe Trekker events that no one else wanted to do. He does not hesitate to try new things despite his fear of heights.

Treks in a Wild World, another Pilot Productions program, was his first excursion. Zay had the opportunity to live with the Korowai “Tree People” in the incredibly remote West Papuan region of Irian Jaya, hike in Mexico’s Copper Canyon with Tarahumara Indian guides on steep, slick trails, climb Seattle’s snow-capped Mount Whitley, and travel to the Dani and Lan tribes in Indonesia’s Wamena Valley.

Tribal Challenge, another pilot program, resulted from this. Zay and his colleague co-host spent ten days residing with the Surma tribe of Ethiopia during Tribal Challenge. In between periods of stick fighting, fishing, farming, and sharing shelters with cattle, they had the opportunity to drink cow blood.

Since becoming a host for Globe Trekker, he has traveled to Vietnam, the Laotian underground caves, Switzerland for snow-trekking and bungee jumping, Austria for kayaking and skiing, Canada for sailing, canoeing, rafting, and riding with cowboys, and Southeast China for retracing the communist Red Trail. You could say that Harding’s dream job is to host Globe Trekker.