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Biography | Wiki

Andy Daly is a television personality, comedian, actor, and podcaster. He is very prominent in his first appearance on TV and stand-up-comedy which made his career debut.

Age | Birthday

How old is Andy Daly?

Andy Daly, born on April 15, 1971, celebrates his birthday each year, marking his journey through life. As of 2024, he stands at 53 years old, a testament to his experience and wisdom gained over the years.


Where did Andy Daly go to school?

Daly’s educational path began at Ridgewood High School, where he completed his secondary education in 1989. It was during this formative period that Daly likely honed his early skills and passions. Following high school, he furthered his academic pursuits at Ithaca College, where he delved into the world of drama, laying the groundwork for his future endeavors.

Marriage | Wife | Gay

Who is the wife of Andy Daly?

In matters of the heart, Daly found companionship and love with actress Carri Levinson. The bond between them led to marriage, and the couple has since welcomed two daughters into their family. Daly’s personal life reflects commitment, love, and the joys of family, with no indication suggesting otherwise regarding his sexual orientation.

Parents | Family

While Andy Daly’s professional life has been extensively documented, details about his parents and broader family background remain elusive. Whether their absence from the public eye is intentional or incidental, Daly’s journey in the entertainment industry appears to be a more prominent focus of public interest.

Net Worth

What is the Net Worth of Andy Daly?

Over the course of his illustrious career, Andy Daly has amassed a significant fortune, estimated to be around $6 million. This financial success is a testament to his talent, hard work, and dedication to his craft. Daly’s diverse portfolio of work in acting, comedy, and writing has undoubtedly contributed to his comfortable financial standing, ensuring his continued prosperity in the years to come.

Andy Daly Salary

Similarly, exact details regarding Daly’s salary are not publicly known, but his diverse portfolio of work suggests he commands a respectable income.

Andy Daly Podcast

Andy Daly has made significant contributions to the world of podcasting, often showcasing his comedic talents through various characters. He has appeared on popular podcasts such as “Comedy Bang! Bang!,” “How Did This Get Made?,” “The Nerdist Podcast,” and “Never Not Funny.” Daly is also known for hosting his own podcasts, including “The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project,” a limited-run series that premiered in 2014 and returned for a second season in 2018 with eight episodes. Additionally, he hosts “Bonanas for Bonanza,” where he portrays the character Dalton Wilcox, among others.


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Karen Hensel – Reporter

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John Carroll Lynch – Actor

Andy Daly Career

Andy Daly’s career has been marked by versatility, with significant contributions to acting, comedy, and writing.

Stand-up Comedy

Daly’s stand-up comedy often features him portraying various characters, showcasing his impressive range and comedic timing. He released the critically acclaimed album “Nine Sweaters” in 2008, compiled from a nine-week residency at Comedy Death-Ray’s Tuesday night shows.

Television Career

Daly’s television career spans a wide range of shows and genres. He has made guest appearances on popular series such as “Modern Family,” “Veep,” “Silicon Valley,” and “Black-ish.” Daly’s notable recurring roles include Principal Brown on “Modern Family,” Dr. Crawford on “Silicon Valley,” and Two-Face on “Harley Quinn.” He has also lent his voice to animated series like “Rick and Morty,” “Bob’s Burgers,” and “Adventure Time.”

One of Daly’s most significant television projects was “Review,” which aired on Comedy Central from 2014 to 2017. In addition to starring as the lead character Forrest MacNeil, Daly also served as an executive producer and wrote episodes for the show. “Review” was well-received for its dark humor and innovative premise, in which Daly’s character reviewed real-life experiences requested by viewers.

Recent Film from 2015

In 2015, Andy Daly graced the silver screen in “Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life,” a comedy-drama directed by Steve Carr. Daly portrayed the character Principal Ken Dwight in this cinematic adaptation of James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts’ novel.

The film revolves around the rebellious antics of a middle school student named Rafe Khatchadorian, who seeks to disrupt the authoritarian rule of his school’s administration. As Principal Dwight, Daly delivers a memorable performance, embodying the stern yet comical figurehead of the school.

“Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life” received praise for its humor and relatable portrayal of adolescence, further cementing Daly’s reputation as a versatile actor capable of bringing depth and charm to his roles on the big screen.

Andy Daly continues to be a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, with his talent and versatility ensuring his enduring success across various platforms. Whether on screen, stage, or in the world of podcasting, Daly’s comedic brilliance shines through, delighting audiences worldwide.

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